“Inflation” A step for become a developed India

How India can become a developed economy? It is always a big question for us. We all want to develop our economy, but behind it, we are doing nothing. We are always blame to government for economic positions but if we have a chance to do something for us or our country, so we are always passing ideas to each other to start first but never take any responsibility from our end.
Now time has changed. We are trying to work for it and giving you an opportunity to participate with us as member as a friend. We are not asking to spend your valuable time or money. In fact, here you can save your money and your valuable time also. I know you all are thinking how it can be possible? It’s possible and also easy by a little change in our life. The change to buy any goods and receive money from all resources.
We talk with each other, saw on television, read in newspaper and magazine and listen on radio and FM about inflation. But we don’t know about how inflation increases and decrease in an economy. In India we always apply deficit financing, in a simple word budget of loss. It means to achieve our goals, we have to make a plan within deficit finance as an example- Government decide to increase education in India within 1 year. So government make a plan to achieve this target. They have need of huge fund to open new schools,university, collage and to hire good teachers Clerk and administrative staff. In a simple word, to do these things governments required enough fund. So government calculates fund from his all resources, but find amount isn’t enough to start it. So the government decides to take money from the public through Fixed Deposit schemes or saving plan and provide interest on it. but again after this decision government failed to collect enough money. Now government uses his special power and looks for his other option which is budget of loss means Reserve Bank of India publish the currency for government.
As we see in our daily life that if potato, onion or other goods supply increases in the market so the price goes down due to over supply. Same process follows for currency also. As per government need Reserve bank of India publishes the currency and after that government invest it in the market. As a result money supply increases in the market and the value of money goes down in the international market. So we have to pay high amount for a good because the value of money goes down in comparison of good value.
In inflation people do not buy goods at higher cost and because of low consumption of goods, our producer decide to produce low quantity. The low quality of goods produce by low quantity of labor. Producer uses low number of labor and raw material and fire to other people from the company. So inflation increases low consumption of raw material, unemployment, less production and higher inflation rate at every sector. only money supply isn’t responsible for inflation but it is a major cause of inflation. I know we are always thinking that how monetary value goes down in comparison of goods? But I will explain it in my other article.
Now I am back to the point. inflation increases because the monetary value goes down in the international market. We could not stop the government to never apply the deficit financing or budget of loss but we could try to control the money supply in the economy. now we have question, how we could control the money supply?  its now simple for us.We can do any transaction by plastic money or electronic money. In a simple way we can buy goods through payment bank  wallet which is now offering by many companies in India.
It can easily control the physical money supply in the market. In other words, we have the money or we are king of our money, but money isn’t in our hand. We can buy anything anytime by payment bank wallet money. Payment bank wallet provide us many options to buy goods at lowest prices. Payment Bank offers different promo-code to add money, to pay bills, to recharge, to book Air train and bus tickets and for shopping also. We can avail many deals at lowest price with money back offers. We can buy anywhere like our street shops, malls, and online shopping also.
Now it’s time to take a step for our better future. don’t expect from government because life is ours, the future is ours. So we have to take a step for us but it can be possible by you only.